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Christa S.
Columbia, MD
Jessica is the best! She is always pleasant and offers great suggestions for fun nails.

Cindy and Thi, too.
Chelsea C.
Elkridge, MD
Best foot massage! 10% discount for paying with cash was a nice incentive.

The only downside was the group of women (customers) in the pedicure room having a loud, profanity filled conversation.

This will be my new regular place!
Leyla K.
Essex, MD
Updating: I've been coming here for a bit now and this is definitely the best salon I've been to in Baltimore! Mimi is fantastic and the new private room in the back is to die for. I just love that everything is single use except for the metal tools which come straight out of the autoclave sterilized. I'm more and more impressed every time I come. Mimi does great designs and my nails always look perfect even after 2-3 weeks. The only reason I need to get my nails redone is because they grow, lol!

Like everyone else, I've been to a million salons in the area. So, when my nail lady, Mimi, texted me that she had changed salons, I didn't know what to expect. The first time I came in, I did just my regular gel over acrylic. I was amazed at how much time Mimi took and how much time she was allowed to take (so many salons make their technicians rush). My nails looked better than ever before. And when I went to pay, I was told it was 10% off if I paid cash. I was amazed at how inexpensive the services were, especially for the quality. Tonight I came in for nails and the herbal pedicure. It's hand downs the best pedicure I have ever gotten-tea infused water, nice long massage, hot stones, fantastic! The salon is gorgeous. It has a bit of a beach feel and is bright and cheerful. Everyone is super nice. The owner even came over to ask how I was enjoying my pedicure. I drive from the city out here because this is the best nails place I've found. One final note-everything is single use except for the clippers which are sterilized prominently between uses. So clean and hygienic, just another plus. I love this place and I am so glad my best nail girl, Mimi, came here!
Tina B.
Ellicott City, MD
Michelle is new to the salon but has over 20 years of experience under her belt. If you are OCD like I am, you will be pleased with this perfectionist!! See her once and you'll never be able to replace her or find someone better, that's a guarantee!

I see her for the works. Gel polishes on my finger nails easily last three weeks and her hand-painted designs are simple and tasteful. She is also amazing with waxing! She does it clean and quick to make the experience less painful... and oddly, therapeutic.

I can go on and on about how great she is but I'll stop now before I turn this into a novel. Just take my word for it and see her now!
Brooke T.
Baltimore, MD
I generally like to get the nails did and wait to see if they actually last prior to making a review. So here it go.

This place has thee dopest reviews, so I thought, why not try it out. I made an appointment as I am not the type to wait. I specifically requested a gel mani with designs and a basic pedi. What I dig is that the basic pedi has a nice set of features aside from just the soak, and the cuticle trim. They have various upgrades that you can add too.

The big day arrives!!! It is located off of Rte 40, in a small strip mall. I can't say that is really easy to spot, the parking is fair for the amount of traffic. Once inside, to me it was slightly overwhelming, there are A LOT of tables for services, and a separate room for pedicures. I was immediately greeted and taken to the back to get my pedicure. It was done nicely, I wasn't rushed, I was offered a drink, and today, it has still held up. SCORE!

For my manicure, I selected a color, but my tech didn't know how to do or maybe didn't know that I requested a design. He also didn't know what I meant when I requested an accent nail. That was a slight bummer, I don't think that they were prepared for that. Regardless, my manicure was dope! It would have lasted longer than two weeks, had I not grown tired of the color. It lasted through gloveless dish washing, several sessions of crab picking and the BEACH!

That certainly can't be beat! Now, if I can find someone that can do designs, we will have a winner!

Oh random aside, I believe you save 10% if you pay with cash. So, bring it!!!
Danielle H.
Columbia, MD
Mimi does an incredible job with my nails. I've never made an appointment to get my nails done until Mimi started doing my nails. 100% on point!
Allia N.
Laurel, MD
Mimi's got me ready for Valentine's Day. Check out my beautiful nails! Show the LOVE! Go see Mimi at Blue Ocean Nails and Spa! Thank you!! Love it!
Jessica C.
Ellicott City, MD
I have lived in Howard County for over a year now and had not found a nail salon that I really *loved*. I found a few that were fine enough, but I never left those salons feeling like this was going to be my new spot. And then it happened: I needed to book an appointment for my wedding nails. I read some reviews online and decided to give Blue Ocean a chance. I am really happy with this decision, and am happy to say that I think I've found my new go to.

When I walked in I was completely and utterly surprised. First of all the layout is very spacious and it is decorated beautifully. It's all white and blue with interesting accent pieces and cool lighting. There is none of the really lame stuff you see at a lot of other nail salons (think faded silk flowers and the window decor of a cartoon woman with 80s hair and big red nails). It was also quite possibly the cleanest nail salon I have ever been to, which alone makes me love them.

My appointment was with Cindy, who was an absolutely wonderful woman! First I had a pedicure, and couldn't decide between a French or just a light pink polish. She let me try a few different things before ultimately deciding on a French pedicure WITH the light pink polish, and she was really patient with me. The pedicure was also very, very thorough. Seriously, it was like one step away from a podiatry appointment. Hands down one of the best pedicures I've had in years! For my fingernails I went with a gel French manicure. Cindy was awesome with this, as well. You can tell she's a perfectionist because a few times she would wipe the French polish off and start over. The fact that she didn't try to rush me out the door to get to the next customer really spoke volumes.

This is definitely not the cheapest nail salon in the area. For my French pedicure and gel French manicure it came to around $75. But regular services (no gel, no French) is obviously much, much cheaper. Also, know this: they will accept cards, but under no circumstances will they put a tip on it. Tips are 100% cash only. I had no idea and had no cash on me so I had to come back the next day to drop off a tip to Cindy (who really deserved it!) So make sure to have cash on hand!
Nina B.
Columbia, MD
Mai (Michelle) makes me feel so beautiful with the nails she does for me! She is new to the spa but I wish I have met her sooner!!!! At least now I know to ALWAYS book my appointments with her! If you can, book with Michelle. You won't be disappointed!
Mela S.
Columbia, MD
Called for a last minute pedicure appointment, which they not only accommodated, but actually serviced! (I've made reservations at salons before, only to find that they're treated no differently than a walk-in, meaning: useless.)

The place was packed with manicures, but just a couple of us in the back for pedis. Perfectly pleasant and efficient. The usual questions about did I want a facial, waxing, etc. but no pressure.

I would certainly return here!
Melinda T.
Pasadena, MD
A friend recommend I go to Blue Ocean and I'm so glad she did. I've been going to Mimi to get my nails done and she is absolutely wonderful. My nails look great! She is extremely talented and professional. I always leave the salon extremely happy with the work she has done. If you want your nails to look beautiful and last several weeks, then go see Mimi. She will take great care of you.
Jill E.
Columbia, MD
Blue Ocean has the atmosphere of an upscale spa. I just had a deluxe pedicure with Mimi and it was amazing!!! She is a tremendously skilled technician and truly cared about my comfort and specific needs. I have found a new nail salon!!!!
Margaret K.
Baltimore, MD
I went to Blue Ocean for the first time in autumn 2013 for a pedicure, and then returned a week later with friends for French manicures just before my wedding. I am only just getting around to reviewing it now, so do keep in mind that this experience was over a year ago (but unforgettable!)

First off, the salon was impeccably clean, bright, and sleek-looking. The massage chairs and equipment all appeared brand new, beautiful, and were *very* comfortable. It was calm, quiet, and extremely relaxing to be there. Additionally, the tools they used on my nails were opened from individually sealed packages; it seems like they autoclave their metal tools to ensure sterility before using them on your nails (not sure on this point, but that's my guess based on the sealed packages I saw).

At that time, there was a deal on their biggest pedicure package - the Ocean Herbal Pedicure - so that the price was temporarily reduced from $70 to $50, so I decided to give it a try. I spent over an hour getting the pedicure and all the various treatments, including herbal soak, callous removal (I didn't happen to have any callouses so this step was kind of painful and thankfully finished pretty quickly), exfoliation with salt scrub and aroma scrub, foot mask, reflexology and hot lava stone massage, paraffin wax treatment, and lower leg massage with scented oil. This. Was. Awesome. I am still a med student, but when I finally get a job and have some money to spare on a regular basis, I am *definitely* treating myself to this experience at least several times a year.

My nail technician did a great job on my pedicure and the color lasted way beyond the end of my honeymoon. Pedicure = 5/5!

I came back a few days later with two girlfriends to get French manicures done. The nail techs were really friendly and we each got absorbed in our own separate conversations with our nail techs. It was my first French manicure so I don't have anything to compare it to, but my nails turned out beautifully and the white tips looked nearly identical in width on all my fingers. They added an extra layer of top coat onto my nails after finding out I was getting married in a few days.

My only qualm: I paid for myself and my friends, and after finding out I was getting married in a few days, they suddenly charged me an extra $5 each above their listed price for French manicures...not cool. Also, they insisted that I pay for everything with cash. I'm not sure if this has changed over time, but it was an annoying hassle to call my fiance over to bring some extra cash (since I didn't expect to be charged an extra $15).

Overall, it was a relaxing, clean, and calming place to get pampered. My combined pedicure and manicure experience ended up costing about $70 plus tip (plus ~$50 for my friends' manicures); this was actually a pretty good deal since I got the special discount for the pedicure package. I would definitely recommend trying it out, especially if they do another special discount on pedicures!
Joyce M.
Ellicott City, MD
Like others, I relocated to the area almost 3 years ago and tried tons of different salons and finally I found a salon to make my regular. I've been going to Blue Ocean for a couple months now but I didn't realize how much I loved Trana (nail tech) until I had to go to another salon. Trana pays a lot of attention to detail making sure my nails are smooth and perfectly shaped. She hands down does the best gel set that I've ever had. I also love the pedicures and all the add ons you can get. The salon itself is clean, the staff is friendly and they have tons of polish options. I would recommend making an appt because it always seems to be busy. You should also bring cash to tip (can't leave tips on cards). Definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a salon!
Vicki H.
Columbia, MD
Pedicures are good. Message turned out to flaky & unreliable. Sad, as I like to have one every week.

Update: Judy thank you for your attention during my last visit. My friend & I had a wonderful time. I'm glad we had a chance to chat.
Laura R.
Canton, Baltimore, MD
I was highly satisfied with my experience here. It's very peaceful and modern; and so cool that the gel drying lights are built into the nail stations. I absolutely love Mimi and will always go to her for spa services. She is amazing! Not only is she fast, she always does a perfect job on my gel mani. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it. Stop by and request Mimi. You will be so glad you did! :)
Crystal R.
Hanover, MD
Absolutely love this place. Relaxing atmosphere and great attention to detail. Go see Mimi. She's the best and always takes great care of her clients.
Cindi M.
Columbia, MD
This is a great place! Definitely upscale and more like a spa than a regular salon. Everyone is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend this business.
Vicki H.
Westminster, MD
One of the best pedicure I've EVER had! Peter was amazing! Hot stone pedicure was exactly what I needed to unwind and relax. The place has a gorgeous set up and is very inviting! I will be back!

Price for hot stone was $50, but if you pay cash it's $45 :-)
Autem C.
Shirlington, Arlington, VA
I'm a recent relocation, and an excellent mani/pedi place is a must. I went to another establishment and it was nice but I wasn't fully impressed. Then came a visit to this place. I was so pleasantly surprised! Kim was amazing. I was feeling sick and went into to try their detox/aromatherapy pedi. I felt better the next day and was an immediate fan. I have family visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be taking all of them in for pedis! Excited to have a new "go-to" place for my mani/pedi needs!
Carolyn J.
Ellicott City, MD
I came here yesterday & Kelly did my pedicure. She did a great job and I was happy with the service. It was my first time. For years I went to Sapphire Nails in Jessup and Judy did my nails for quite some time. I was sad to learn everyone left when I went in there one day and it was nothing like it used to be! I was happy to run into her at a store, got her business card for her new place and came to Blue Ocean! I wouldn't expect anything less from the staff here. I'll definitely come back
Carolyn J.
Ellicott City, MD
I came here yesterday & Kelly did my pedicure. She did a great job and I was happy with the service. It was my first time.
For years I went to Sapphire Nails in Jessup and Judy did my nails for quite some time. I was sad to learn everyone left when I went in there one day and it was nothing like it used to be! I was happy to run into her at a store, got her business card for her new place and came to Blue Ocean! I wouldn't expect anything less from the staff here. I'll definitely come back
Arnetta R.
Baltimore, MD
Very welcoming, professional, sanitary, and persnickety! Not too pricey and they used quality materials! Thanks for taking my walk-in appointment. Ask for Emma. She's very knowledgeable.
Vanitha G.
Ellicott City, MD
I have been to this nail salon several times and had many great experiences. There was one occasion where the quality of the service was unsatisfactory, but the management contacted me and offered me a redo of my nails free of charge and a refund for the bad experience I had.
The sign of a great business is that there are problem solvers in management that take pride in the quality of the service they provide. This place really does have those qualities. Customer satisfaction is very important to management and they don't want a single person to leave their doors unsatisfied.
Most recently I had my nails done by Tami. Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, but her application and technique was superb. I am in love with my UV gels with gel nail polish in G43. I will definitely recommend Blue Ocean Salon and Spa to friends and family because they are a business with integrity.
Isrra K.
Lawrenceville, GA
I was in town for work and was looking for a decent place to get a mani pedi. Found this gem on Yelp and was super glad about my choice.

I had Donni and he really knew what he was doing. I had a basic pedicure and got gel nails. He was thorough, detailed, and super friendly. Price is average for MD. I wouldn't suggest if you are in a rush because they take their time to make your nails pretty!
Paula D.
Catonsville, MD
Very nice! Very clean and Kelly did a nice job on my regular mani I will be back for a pedicure.
Tiffany K.
Baltimore, MD
I happened upon this nails salon and I am glad I did. The salon is immaculately clean, the decor is beautiful, and the service is exceptional. I have received a pedicure, gel manicure, and a typical acrylic nail fill all of which were done very well and lasted me a long time.

I cannot wait to try their other services and the cash discount is a nice addition.

I highly recommend.
Ryann N.
Baltimore, MD
Great salon. I had a pedicure done here about 3 weeks ago. I came in about 45 minutes before closing, expecting to be on the receiving end of some serious side-eye for more poorly timed arrival. I was wrong! The entire staff was friendly and polite. I was offered yummy green tea, while I enjoyed a thorough, relaxing pedi. By the time my nail technician was done, the salon had closed for the evening. Nonetheless, everyone was still polite. I didn't feel rushed, or like a nuisance in any way. I'll be back!
Rachael F.
Baltimore, MD
Just moved to the area and thought I would give a new salon a try to find "my spot". So glad I looked at Yelp and gave this place a shot! I got a gel mani and pedi by Tammi (she just started at the location a week ago she told me) and I am beyond satisfied with my services. I never felt rushed like other reviews I read. They have a massive selection of gel colors which I usually use and quite the extensive menu of pedicure options. I read that you can get a bit of a discount rate if you use cash but I only had a card and enough cash for a tip (cash tip only) so I can't verify if that is true or not so worth looking into for sure!

Overall, beautiful salon, friendly staff, great service. What more could you ask for!
Dee W.
Catonsville, MD
I have visited Blue Ocean twice now, and had pedicures both times with Kim. Nice, clean facilities and Kim does a good job.
A C.
Odenton, MD
I've only recently started going to Blue Ocean Nails & Spa (since early November 2015) and am a completely satisfied customer. Mimi does an amazing job with my acrylic gel fills and my eyebrows always look great because of her. I would recommend this place and ask for Mimi. I also love that I can go online to make my appointments.
Samantha B.
Ellicott City, MD
Today I decided to give blue ocean another go... mostly because my daughter so desperately wanted her nails done by Nancy again (who is no longer with blue ocean). My daughter had Cindy and got a mani, pedi with acrylic nails and zebra print and on her toes she got polka dots.. she loved the spa pedi treatment and said whenever we get our nails done we always have to get pedis and Cindy has to do hers. I had Mimi and she was my saving grace for blue ocean.. she was so sweet and so funny. I was going to get acrylics but she talked me in to gel nails (which I think I prefer now that I've had them done) she told me all the benefits of having gel and then we moved on to design.. I gave her a couple choices and she was confident enough in saying that anything I picked she would do. That made me feel very great... ultimately I let her decide between my 2 choices.. we went with red base color and glitter tips with one glitter accent nail. They look fantastic and I am so thrilled! Thank you so much Mimi and the blue ocean team for making this visit an amazing one! I will ALWAYS come back just for Mimi!
Markeeta Y.
Annapolis Junction, MD
I love this nail salon. I've been going here for the last few months (I'd say at least 6-7 months), and I've always gone to Tami. Services I've gotten done are pedicures, acrylic overlay/refills, and gel polish manicures. I'm very particular about my nails and how they're shaped, filled, and polished - and Tami gets it right every single time and they always last long - good quality work. The decor is super cute, everyone is nice and accommodating, and you get a couple dollars off if you use cash vs a card. Note: They only accept tips in cash so be sure to have some on hand :)
Kelli C.
Baltimore, MD
I've been going to Tiffany for 7 months and EVERYTIME I go I'm extremely satisfied. She does my nails and eyebrows perfectly
Naomi R.
Columbia, MD
WOW! I am so glad I came here to treat myself. I had this place book marked to try based on the reviews I've seen so far. I made an appointment the same day for the ocean rock pedicure. They are running a special for $10 off the herbal soak pedicure so I got that instead. It was amazing! The water was steeped with a melange of herbs wrapped in an satchel cloth tea bag that gave off a wonderful aroma. This pedicure also includes a hot stone massage along with paraffin as the last step. My toenails were painted while I had my legs wrapped in warm towels and then came the stone massage with relaxing oils and a minty/menthol scent that relaxed my legs and body. I thought the paraffin as the last step was unique because it really did leave my feet super soft, and my toenails were already dry so I didn't have to wait around after my service was done! The entire process was ~1hour and definitely the relaxation I needed. My technician was Kelly and she had such a pleasant attitude. She remembered me from a previous salon from a couple of years ago which I found surprising :). She asked me throughout the services how I was doing and made me feel so comfortable. Kelly even showed me around to the various treatment areas (facial, massage areas), and the large amount of gel colors to choose from. I am already looking forward to my next service :)
Megan S.
Ellicott City, MD
My go-to nail salon. Super clean, which is the first thing I look for in a nail salon. Reasonable prices. I get the deluxe pedicure with a gel mani for $80. Tons of choices for both regular and gel polish; so many choices I start getting option anxiety.

I never have a problem walking in, but I usually go during the week. Beware on the weekends: there's always a wait! Also, I love how they're open on Sundays, too!

Techs are very friendly. Tip is cash only!
Hiep hoi nails V.
With only 3 years in business ,, Blue Ocean Nails & Spa had accomplished an outstanding progress to become 5 Stars Salons In Ellicott City , MD 21042 ! The Vietnamese Nails Beauty Association (VNBA) officially approved Blue Ocean Nails & Spa for extremely cleanliness, sanitation and chemical products properly handling . The salon also deserves 5 Stars for good , friendly management staff and the Team Of Nails Techs having over 10 years experience in customers services . Congratulations Ocean Nails & Spa !