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Natural Nail
Ocean Classic Manicure
Treatment includes cuticle grooming, nail trimming, filing, light hand massage, followed by choice of polish color.
Ocean Spa Manicure
Treatment includes Ocean Classic Manicure plus exfoliating with aroma scrub for deep moisturizing, follow by aroma butter cream, which will exfoliate leaving your hands soft and smooth.
Ocean Deluxe Manicure
Treatment includes both Ocean Classic & Ocean Deluxe plus paraffin treatment, the ultimate in luxurious hand care.
Ocean Gel Manicure
Treatment includes both Ocean Classic & Ocean Deluxe plis paraffin treatment, the ultimate in luxurious hand care.
French Ocean Manicure
Indulge yourself with our everlasting manicure that should last you 2-3 weeks.
SNS Organic Powder
$52/ French $58
(Additional for nail extension)
All products are Organic
Contain vitamins and calcium
No odor, No liquid, No Primer, No UV light
No formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.
Pedicure Services
Want a little more privacy while being pampered and relaxed? Our private suite are the perfect way to indulge in the pleasures of Blue Ocean services in a more quite and peaceful area. The best part-our private suites are open to everyyone! If a suite is available and not reserved, feel free to request it at the time of your appointment.
Products are USDA Certified.
Masks are made with natural ingredients.
Ocean Spa
$32 / VIP N/A
($5 Extra for Callus Remove)
Treatment includes a basic pedicure as well as exfoliation with an orange scrub, massage oil, and a warm towel finish.
Ocean Deluxe
$47/ VIP N/A
(Choice of aroma scents)
Treatment includes callus removal, exfoliation with an aroma scrub, a foot mask, an extensive reflexology massage with aroma cream, and a warm towel finish. Helps eliminate cellular debris and stimulates capillary circulation.
Ocean Wave
$52/ VIP 62
(Choice of aroma scents)
Using all natural, vegan spa ingredients, this treatment includes callus removal, exfoliation with an aroma scrub, a foot mask, an extensive reflexology massage with aroma cream, and a warm towel finish.
Ocean Breeze
$52/ VIP 62
(Choice of aroma scents)
Treatment includes everything in the Ocean Deluxe Pedicure plus paraffin wax. (NOTE: Nail polish is applied before the foot massage and paraffin wax.)
Ocean Rock
$52/ VIP 62
(Choice of aroma scents)
Treatment includes everything in the Ocean Deluxe Pedicure plus hot lava stones, which release knots and toxins, as well as promotes wellness by drawing out tension.
Ocean Escapes
$62/ VIP 72
Treatment uses all natural ingredients such as the Hawaiian Ti plant and horse chestnut to stimulate tired legs and to heal dry, cracked skin. Will leave your legs feeling refreshed and revived.
Ocean Haven
$62/ VIP 72
This treatment incorporates aromatherapy, using all-natural essential oils to reduce stress and anxiety, balance out hormone levels, boost energy levels, and overall heal the body both physically and mentally.
Ocean Herbal
$72/ VIP 82
(Our signature Pedicure)
Treatment includes everything in the Ocean Deluxe Pedicure plus paraffin wax and an extensive reflexology massage with hot lava stones. Also includes a special mixture of natural herbs that offers therapeutic relief for the body and calms sore muscles, clears congestion, and purifies the body of toxins. (NOTE: Nail polish is applied before the foot massage and paraffin wax.)
Ocean Paradise
$82/ VIP 92
A luxurious pedicure taken to the next level. Dermalogica therapy system includes callus treatment, Eucalyptus Mint scrub, Dermalogica mask, hot stone massage, cool cream massage and paraffin to top it all off. Dermalogica body products don't contain any artificial colors and helps with proper healthy maintenance.
Add On
Use Gel Polish
High End Nail Colors
(Chanel, YvesSaintLaurent)
2 Big Toe Designs
10 mins extra massage
10 mins extra massage w/essential oils
15 mins extra massage w/essential oils
Nail Enhancement
Full Set
Fill In
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Overlay
Acrylic White Tips
Acrylic Sculpture
Acrylic Powder Color
(Same Or Change Color)
Acrylic Color Ombre
(Same Or Change Color)
Acrylic / Gel with Gel French
Gel powder w/ Gel Polish
UV gel / W regular polish
UV Gel w/ Gel polish
Solar Pink & White
Solar Pink
Polish Change Nails (Gel Color)
Long Length
Shape/shape Change
Nail Designs
$5 & up
Nail Repair
$3 & up
Cut Down
$3 & up
Polish Change Nails
Polish Change Nails (Gel Color)
Polish Change Toes
Polish Change Toes (Gel Color)
American Manicure
French (White or Color)
Gel Color Add On
Waxing Services
Upper Lip
Side Burn
Face Wax
Half Arms
$25 & up
Full Arms
$40 & up
Half Legs
$35 & up
Full Legs
Full Back
$15 & up
Under Arm
$15 & up
Full Chest
$40 & up
$35 & up
(We do not double dip for Brazilian & Bikini waxing)
How To Prepare For Brazilian Bikini Wax
  • If you are very sensitive in the bikini area take an Advil 30 minutes before.
  • If you recently shaved your bikini line, you will need to wait two weeks in order to have enough hair growth to wax.
  • Skip the gym. Avoid any intense cardio for 24 hours post-wax -- it can lead to irritated bumps from sweat trapped against the skin under tight-fitting clothes, says Danielle.
  • Avoid sunbathing, using self-tanners or the tanning bed for at least 24 hours before and after a Brazilian wax.
Facial Services
Skin should radiate. Exclusively at Blue Ocean, we combine specialized deep cleansing and luxurious massage techniques to help cultivate radiance and youthful vitality batch your face. Lack-luster skin transforms into sheer luminescence with our opulent, signature facials. All facials include a complete cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, and massage of the neck and shoulder. Please consult with our Esthetician on which facials is best for your skin.
Classic European Facial
$75 (60 min)
A relaxing facial treatment for all skin types that includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction, and masque.
Acne Treatment Facial
$80 (60 min)
Deep cleansing facial treatment is great for oily or acne prone skin. Extraction and an anti-bacteria cooling masque. Specialty mask is custom blended to dehydrate and nourish the skin. This treatment is an excellent way to relax while restoring the skin to it's optimum condition.
Calming & Smoothing Facial
$85 (60 min)
A classic European facial combined with essential oil blends from mind enhancing to skin therapeutic to well being related synergies.
Collagen Peel Off Mask Facial
$95 (60 min)
Relaxing and deep cleansing facial treatment is great for all skin types. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction and with customize Collagen peel off masque for each individual skin types to help dehydrated, nourish, sensitive, & or mature skin. Exfoliate and reduce inflammation with a wide variety of facial masks.
Express Facial
$40 (30 minutes)
Ideal for clients on the go or those who want a quick pick-me-up between treatments. Includes cleansing, exfoliation and a customized mask.
Teen Facial
$45 (40 minutes)
Clear and healthy skin is an important issue for all teens... our estheticians can guide your teen toward proper skin care... we begin with a consultation and discussion to focus on individual needs... pore cleansing with steam is followed by facial massage and moisturizing.
Back Treatment
$65 (45 minutes)
For some, the back and shoulders are difficult areas to manage... deep cleansing and extraction of impurities are the focus of this procedure... a custom detoxifying mask is followed by moisturizer.
Spa Services
I Deserve This! 3 Hrs
Classic Manicure & Pedicure, Classic European Facial, 30 Mins Back Treatment or Swedish Massage
A Day In Dreamland 3.50 Hrs
Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure, Calming & Smoothing Facial, and 45 mins back treatment or Swedish Massage.
Just The Two Of Us 2.5 Hrs
Two Ocean Herbal Pedicures, Two 30 Mins Classic European Facials, & Two 30 Mins Back Treatment or Swedish Massage.
The Men Escape 2 Hrs
Classic Manicure, Ocean Herbal Pedicure, & 15 mins foot massage.
Because Of Me! 2 Hrs
Deluxe Pedicure, 30 Min European facial, 30 Min Swedish massage plus 2 big toes design.
Sweet Sixteen 2 Hrs
The perfect time to introduce that special young lady to the "spa experience"... a Teen Facial, Manicure & Pedicure, Eyebrows Waxing and Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment.
*24 hours cancellation notice is required, full deposit will be refund.
Cosmetic Permanent Make-up
Upper Eyelid
Upper & Lower Eyelid
Please contact us at 410-480-4998 if you have any questions prior to booking an appointment.
Cluster Lashes (no refill) (approx. 35 mins)
Sassy Silk Lashes (Individual Lashes)
New Full Set (approx. 80 to 120 mins)
100% Real Mink Volume Lashes (Individual 3D Lashes)
New Full Set (approx. 120 to 180 mins
Xtreme Lashes (Individual High-End Lashes)
New Full Set (approx. 150 to 200 mins)
​Lashes Removal (w/o service) (approx. 25 to 35 mins)
**We are using Hypoallergenic, Medical-Grade Adhesive for all eyelash extension.
**Lashes that have lost more than 75% must have new full set.
**Individual Eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural lash. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and thicker look. Ranging from a natural to dramatic, shorter or longer we can suit your needs
Before & After Treatment Care
Before your appointment:
  • Arrive to your appointment with dry, clean lashes and makeup-free eyes.
  • Remove contact lenses before your appointment.
During the initial 24-48 hours after your appointment:
Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after the lash extensions are applied. It will affect the efficacy of the glue.
  • Arrive to your appointment with dry, clean lashes and makeup-free eyes.
  • Avoid getting moisture around the eye area when washing face, showering etc.
General guidelines to extend the life of your lashes:
  • Avoid using oil-based skincare and makeup products around the eye, including mascara and makeup remover.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara. If you can, it is better not to use any mascara at all. You may find you don’t even need it!
  • Avoid running water over your face. Moisture will break down the bond of the glue.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or lashes, especially when washing your face. It is recommended to clean around the eye area with a washcloth or cotton swab (Q-tip).
  • Avoid using an eyelash curler. One of the benefits of lash extensions is the ability to add curl to your lashes. If you would like more curl, please speak to your technician.
  • Gently brush your lashes with a mascara wand to groom them. The best time to do this is after showering, as they will be softer and less likely to damage.
  • Avoid pulling your lashes, and do not attempt to remove them yourself. If you would like them removed, please contact your technician. If you experience any pain, redness or irritation, contact your technician immediately.